Governor Malloy’s proposed budget cuts $584,000 from Regional Mental Health Boards; this is the total budget received from DMHAS for the five boards, so the reduction would virtually eliminate us.  Also, the proposal for a reduction of $736,000 in funding to the Regional Action Councils (RACs) would cut their funding in half.  We work collaboratively with the RACs and this would dismantle their structure as well. 

For over 40 years Regional Mental Health Boards have evaluated hundreds of programs, assessed the needs of the community, been the voice for the community, and influenced the mental health and addictions service system. We need to mobilize our efforts and have our voices heard louder than ever at the DMHAS Public Hearing to be held on March 6, 2015.  We also need to, as soon as possible, mobilize our efforts to contact key legislators who can influence the Appropriations process. 

We will have to work hard to restore the funding for Regional Mental Health Boards and RACs. We rely on your support.

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